Get the most
from your
burglar alarm

For your home or business...

Your alarm can send much more information than just burglary alerts, and we strive to use as much of this information as possible to help protect your home, business, and family.  This includes up-to-the-minute updates about who's arming and disarming your alarm, or if your alarm hasn’t been armed or disarmed on schedule.  We use technologies like TXT message, e-mail, phone calls, web integration and mobile apps to put you in direct control of your alarm monitoring.

Don't have a phone line?  Got Fibre, Naked DSL or VoIP?
Convert to internet alarm monitoring, and ditch that old copper line!  A lot of people find their alarm monitoring stops working when they move to a digital VoIP phone line, Naked DSL, or Fibre broadband.  No problem, it's easy to convert your existing alarm to internet monitoring.

For security providers...

Monitoring Plus brings the benefit of real automation to you Automation Systems!

Putting your automation system in the cloud brings gains in efficiency in the control room, allows you to offer advanced automated monitoring services to your clients, and provides location independent redundency and disaster recovery.