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Custom Alerts

Your alarm has the ability to report all arming, disarming, power cut, and low battery events to a monitoring station.  Some monitoring companies don't bother to use this feature, and those that do, don't make this information available to you in a useful way.

Monitoring Plus not only records these arming, disarming, and power status events, but makes them available to you in real-time.  What's more, we can even identify who has armed or disarmed your alarm (if you use separate PIN codes for each person), so you know exactly who's coming and going.

We can send you TXT messages and e-mails, and contact you by phone, so you have up-to-the-minute information. To make sure you don't get swamped by unnecessary or unhelpful messages, we provide advanced filtering rules so you can choose exactly which messages you want to receive, and when you want to receive them.

Not only is this informative and useful, but it also improves security. Normally, someone disarming your alarm is not suspicious, but what if someone is entering your premises at a time or day when they should not be there? With traditional alarm monitoring you would not know that something is wrong, because the alarm was disarmed with a valid code. With Monitoring Plus you can set-up cutsom alerts to be notified about suspicious arming or disarming, so you can immediately investigate what's going on!

By setting up custom alert rules, you can be informed of:

For example, you could set up rules to be warned if:

  1. The cleaner (or someone using the cleaner's PIN number) enters your house on the wrong day.
  2. You have forgotten to arm you alarm (by a specific time of day).
  3. Someone comes home earlier then usual.
  4. A power cut at your place, or your alarm's battery is running low.
  5. A specific person (such as a tradesman or guest) has entered your house.