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Alarm Monitoring

Alarm monitoring basically means we will contact you if your alarm is activated (by burglary, fire, etc...).  When the our monitoring station receives an alarm type message from your alarm, our automated system will send messages and make calls to each person on your contact list.  You can control who appears on your contact list and in what order they will be contacted though the web portal.

The people on your contact list have the opportunity to respond to the alarm messages.  They can either take responsibility to investigate the alarm, place the alarm on "hold", or pass to the next person on the list.  If they take responsibility we stop sending messages and won't contacting any one else on your list.  This means you will want to put the people most likely to respond at the top of the list.

The "hold" command is useful if you tend to get false alarms or your pets sometimes trigger the alarm.  Often a pet will trigger the alarm only once, whereas an intruder walking around your house will trigger the alarm many times.  Responding with a "hold" command gives you the opportunity to wait for few minutes to see if there are further activations.  If no more activations are received from your alarm, then we stop contacting people on your list.  If more activations are received, then we resume the contact list starting with the person who put it on hold.

A typical TXT dialog for false alarm could look like this:

Single alert from 99 Beach Av:
Alarm in Kitchen
Reply with Accept, Hold or Pass.

10:23 am


10:24 am

Alarm at 99 beach Av now on hold. Messages will resume if more activations occur within 10 min.

10:24 am

Hold period at 99 Beach Ave has expired. The alarm status has been reset to normal monitoring.

10:34 am