Internet Based monitoring

Alarms traditionally use the phone line to report activity to the monitoring station.  The problem is that alarms don't work reliably with modern digital (VoIP) phone lines used with Naked DSL, Ultra Fast Fibre, and wireless internet.  They also don't work so well is you don't have any phone line at all!  Of course, Monitoring Plus supports the traditional dial-up monitoring on old fashioned analogue PSTN phone lines, but we also we keep pace with technology and are experts at internet based monitoring.  So, there's no problem if you've upgraded to a digital phone line, we can still proved a secure and reliable monitoring solution.

Internet compatible alarms

If you're installing a new alarm, it's worthwhile considering the new breed of internet ready alarm systems.  Monitoring Plus works closely with several NZ based alarm manufacturers, and can recommend some great internet ready alarms.  Of course, like any internet monitoring, if your internet service fails your monitoring will stop working.  Normally this isn't much of a problem for residential monitoring, but if your internet connection is unreliable, or you just want the added security, its' a good idea to have a mobile broadband back-up option to make sure it's always connected to the monitoring station.

Converting to internet reporting

Both new and existing dial-up alarm systems can be easily adapted to work with internet based monitoring.  This involves getting a qualified installer to add a converter box to your alarm ($99 incl. GST + instillation fees), and connecting it to your modem/router.  Note that in some situations your modem or router may need to be upgraded if it does not support multiple network devices.

It's important to consider that internet connections are not as reliable as the good old analogue phone network.  If you have only one internet connection, and that connection goes down, or you have a power cut, then you are vulnerable because your alarm cannot communicate with our monitoring station.

Mobile broadband backup

To ensure the best possible reliability, it's a good idea to have a back-up internet connection for your alarm monitoring in case you main internet goes down.  Monitoring Plus can offer an internet reporting adaptor that includes a back-up mobile broadband connection.   This adaptor is considerably more expensive, both for the adaptor itself and the ongoing costs for mobile data usage, but worth it in high risk situations (usually commercial premisses).   Please contact us for more information if you think this option is for you.