Security Patrol Call-outs

In the event of a burglary alarm at your place, it can be reassuring to know that a reputable and qualified security guard will respond for you.  Selecting the patrol call-out option is as easy as choosing "Add" in the patrol section of your contacts setting screen.  You can also choose where they appear on your contact list, giving you flexibility over convenience and cost.  You can set the patrol either first on your list if you want them to be called immediately, or last if you want the patrol to be called as a last resort if no-one else on your list responds to alarm messages.

You can track the process in real-time by watching your Recent Activity history*.  The patrols will report in every step of the way, giving you piece-of-mind that your place is being taken care of and knowing for sure if it's a real break-in or just a false alarm.

*  Note that real-time updates are only available with patrol call-outs provided by Global Security.  To take advantage of this feature please make sure you select Global Security as your patrol provided in your Contacts settings.