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Online Control

With full web integration, we've put you in full control of your monitoring anywhere, anytime.  You can log-on to check if your alarm is armed or disarmed, view a real-time event history, edit your contact list, set-up custom alerts, view your current and previous bills, and adjust your contact settings.

Edit Your Contact Details

On the Contact Details page, you can set-up how you would like to be contacted for alerts.  You can choose to enter mobile, day time, and after-hours phone numbers.  For your daytime phone, you can select during which times of the day and which days of the week it should be used.  There's also an option to indicate if you are available to accept alerts.  This is useful if you are going away on holiday, because you can simply make yourself unavailable for the time you are away.

Event History

The Event History page shows all messages received from your alarm and all actions taken by our monitoring station, along with the times that the events were logged.  Filtering options make it easy for you to find the information you need by allowing your to display only selected types of events.  For example, you can display alarm activations and/or alert messages sent.  Alternatively you may want to display only arming and disarming.  It's also possible to select events that occur within a specific date range.

Contact List

Your Contact List is the people who we try to contact in the event of an alarm activation.  You can add people to your list by either inviting them through e-mail or adding their details directly as a Quick Contact.  Once you have created your contact list, the order of your contacts can be quickly and easily changed.  You can also view their details, and change their privileges to allow or deny them access to various areas of the web portal (associated with your monitoring account).

Custom Alerts

In the Custom Alerts section, you can configure your alert messages specifically for your needs, to help identify, among other things, unauthorised disarming of your alarm.  Alerts that have already been set-up can be viewed at a glance, and easily modified or deleted.  New alerts can also be easily created with just a few clicks of the mouse, and they take effect immediately.  For more information see our Custom Alerts page.


It's easy to keep track of you monitoring charges and the payments you've made with instant access to your current bill and previous invoices.  You can also change your service plan at any time (possibly incurring part month upgrade fees), change your billing e-mail address, and view your direct debit bank account details.


The settings area is normally configured by your alarm installer, and often doesn't require changes.  In here you can see the contact details for the alarm installer(s) assigned to your monitoring account, and many of the advanced settings associated with your alarm monitoring.  If you know how to change the PIN numbers on your alarm, you should also become familiar with the Alarm Users page, where you match up alarm user's PIN numbers with people's names.